"Mrs. Mantock's knowledge, years of experience in teaching and her approach combine to deliver a fantastic learning experience for the children. The user friendly, interactive website, Mantock's Guide, is also a tremendous value-add."

Wayne Henry

Past Parent

Macia Hall

“A teacher is born not made.” These words aptly describe an educator for whom I have the highest regard and respect, Mrs. Mantock. My three sons had the distinct privilege of being in her GSAT class and she skillfully guided them through one of the most stressful parts of their young lives.

Marcia Blake-Hall

Past Parent


"Mrs. Eulie Mantock  is good at what she does and that is why her students pass for the schools they want to attend. She is a down to earth person who is also very determined. If one of her students is struggling in his or her work, she will not stop until that student’s grades are better. She has never given up on her students and tries everything to make sure everyone is on the same level. This is why her students get fantastic grades and pass for the school of their choice."

Amanda Miller

Past Student


"I had an amazing experience learning from Mrs. Mantock. She is a talented and passionate teacher who encouraged me to work hard to achieve my goals. She instilled in me the value of working diligently and the importance of learning from my mistakes. These values allowed me to transition smoothly from primary school to high school. She provides a comfortable learning environment and uses a variety of teaching resources to cater to her students’ needs."

Brittany Wright

Past Student

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Tareek Hamilton

All my life I was told by many including some teachers that I would not make it and I was a lost cause, except by one. I was never the best and by far never the brightest but she still took me under her wings and worked with me day and night until the day of GSAT. When the results were ready many predicted that I was going to fail and be forgotten expect one, Mrs. Mantock. I passed for Wolmer’s Boys with grades all above 90 percent, yes me, the guy that wasn’t going to make it and the guy that many never wanted. Today I can proudly say I am a 3rd year medical student with a lot more to come.

Tianna Findlay

I am Tianna Findlay, a student of Stella Maris Prep. I have been attending classes with Mrs. Mantock from 2019 in preparation for 2020 PEP. In March 2020 Jamaica started to experience a pandemic so all schools and extra classes were closed. Mrs. Mantock started an online class and I must say this platform is so much fun for learning. We were able to do our mock exams and see our scores. The platform is very simple and user-friendly yet providing all the information from the curriculum. I have so much fun using this platform. I would recommend it to my friends.

Julie Thompson-James


Mrs. Mantock is an excellent educator!  Both of my children attended her classes and both of them performed very well in the GSAT and PEP Examinations respectively resulting in placements at Campion College.  Mrs. Mantock is exceptional, methodical and has the gift of immediately identifying areas of weaknesses and executing a plan to ensure that your child succeeds.  Mrs. Mantock motivates children to perform and can see even the smallest opportunity to bring forth greatness.  She continues to educate and author several text books and writes her own questions and continually tests the children.  She has a tried and proven method and I believe in her and what she has done and is doing.

Dr. Jenneen Campbell

Surgical Resident, Kingston Public Hospital

Mrs. Mantock was my grade six teacher at St. Richards Primary School. I also attended her extra lesson classes for G.S.A.T. preparation. Very rarely can one find a teacher like Mrs. Mantock.

She has been a phenomenal teacher, who repeatedly goes beyond the call of duty. She recognizes each child’s potential and nurtures that gift with diligence and patience. She gives selflessly to allow her students to excel. I am a recipient of her kindness and of which I will be forever grateful.

Under her tutelage I became the Butterkist Mathematics Competition Champion for 2002 and was 2nd place in the Vivian Rochester Mathematics competition also in 2002. Based on my G.S.A.T. performance, I was also awarded a Government Scholarship to Campion College. Now I am a medical doctor in the surgery program at the Kingston Public Hospital.

I thank the Lord for teachers like Mrs. Mantock. I wish every student would have the experience of having a teacher like her.

Diahann Gordon Harrison
Children’s Advocate of Jamaica & National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons

Mrs. Eulie Mantock is an educator extraordinaire who has a passion for teaching and always gives of her best. I have had first-hand experience of her dedication and commitment to her students and have witnessed time and time again, the genuine interest that she has in securing the best outcome for each of her students. Whether it’s preparation  for GSAT or PEP, Mrs. Mantock has a proven track record of excellence and success. She is definitely one of Jamaica’s best!

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