General Questions

What programmes do you offer?

Mantock’s Guide is a PEP Preparation course. We currently offer online programmes for Grades 4, 5 and 6 students that are designed specifically to prepare them for the PEP Examinations. The programme includes a structured curriculum-based course that simulates the existing programme that has been offered by Mrs. Eulie Mantock over the past years. The courses include Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Ability and Performance Task which will be delivered through a combination of technologies that we have invested in to engage the students.

Students will have access to live classes, quizzes, exams, activities and other tools that are designed to meet the learning objectives. Parents will also be able to monitor children’s performance and receive progress reports.

How do I sign up?

Click the Register button at the top of the page and fill in the forms. You will get an email confirming your registration. Ensure to check your spam folder for the confirmation email. To access the live classes and full programme, you will have to click the Pay Now button on the website once you log in.

What device/software will I need to access the website?
  • A tablet, laptop, or computer.
  • Speakers/headphones to hear audio.
  • Microphone.
  • Internet Access.
  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser. To install Google Chrome click here.
How do I log in?

Click the Log-in button at the top of the page to have access to the lessons, quizzes and live classes.

What does it cost?

To access the live classes, quizzes, exams and all the prep courses, the cost is $12,500 per month (incl. GCT) for Grade 4, $10,200 per month (incl. GCT) for Grade 5, and $12,500 per month (incl. GCT) for Grade 6.

How I report a technical issue?

Fill out the Contact Us form or email [email protected] to report any issues with the website or content.